We try to sell mattresses that are affordable.  My philosophy is to treat you like a friend.  And friends don’t let their friends get “ripped-off “. Good mattresses are not cheap, and cheap mattresses are not good;  but we try to buy from manufacturers that make a good quality product and keep their prices down. We generally do not buy big brand names. The big brand names are generally over-priced, because so much of their money goes to large advertising budgets, investment companies and highly-paid corporate executives.

All our mattresses are Made in USA.

Local Delivery and Set-up is available for a reasonable charge. (The customer is almost always paying a lot more than you think for “Free” Delivery.)

If anyone buys a mattress from Renaissance, we can take their old mattress at no charge. EXCEPTION: We do not accept mattresses with bedbugs.

Lowest price           

Economy Mattress

 89.95   TWIN (216 coils)

149.95  FULL (312 coils)

159.95  QUEEN (390 coils)

[Not available in King]

This is our starting model economy 1-sided innerspring mattress. There is  some foam on top (in the quilt) and a layer of padding between the springs and the foam. There is not much padding and not much foam. It’s not terrible, but it’s not real good either; and unfortunately, sooner or later, the customer will be able to feel the coils. But I think it is probably the best economy mattress around for the price.
Better  Economy Mattress

119.95   TWIN  (216 coils)

189.95  FULL (312 coils)

199.95  QUEEN  (390 coils)

299.95  KING  (468 coils)

This is a better economy 1-sided innerspring mattress. What makes it better? It has more foam in the quilt (to make it softer) and more padding between the springs and the foam (so you do not feel the coils as much). The springs are not too hard and not too soft. The manufacturer uses an economy foam to keep the price down, but overall it’s a fairly durable and comfortable economy mattress for the money.

Nobody knows what will make you feel good. Everybody is different.

Many times customers have asked me “What mattress do you recommend ?” My answer is always “Whatever mattress makes you feel good.” Nobody knows what will make you feel good. Everybody is different. One customer will say a certain mattress is perfect; someone else will say it is too soft; someone else will say the same mattress is too hard. There is not one mattress that will make everybody feel good. It depends on whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach. Also, how much a customer weighs will be a deciding factor.
Consumer Reports magazine (March, 1997) said “A good mattress will gently support your body at all points. Although we could find no published scientific data on what type of mattress is best, orthopedic experts generally recommend the firmest mattress that you find comfortable.” I always start with “comfortable.” If you are not comfortable, you wasted your money.

Very Important :  Lay on the mattress at least about 10 or 15 minutes before you buy it. A mattress can feel good at first, and later you might start feeling pain or pressure points.

Good Quality Firm

10″ Economy Mattress  (More coils)

259.95  QUEEN  (713 coils)

 (1 left)

SPECIAL PURCHASE: When it’s gone, it’s gone. Very Firm, excellent-quality innerspring with high coil-count. There is padding on both sides of the mattress (so you don’t feel the coils); but since only the top side has the quilt with foam in it, it is considered a 1-sided mattress. This is really a very good deal. I consider it an economy mattress only because the foam is not high density, and you may see some body impression. This is a firm mattress.

Mattress Warranties 

You can use most mattress warranties for toilet paper.  Almost everything that will go wrong with your mattress is not covered by the warranty.  Most mattress warranties actually protect the manufacturer more than they protect you. The warranties do not cover dips, body impressions and sags; They say that the mattress is conforming to your body. That protects the manufacturer, but the customer is not happy, and your money is gone. Also there are so many “ifs”, “buts” and exclusions that make the warranty almost useless.  Make sure you buy from someone that will take care of  you.

Good  2-sided Mattress

199.95  TWIN (216 coils)

299.95  FULL (312 coils)

349.95  QUEEN (390 coils)

449.95  KING (468 coils)

2-sides: If something happens to 1 side , turn the mattress over, and you have a new mattress again. The innerspring in this mattress has probably been the #1-selling innerspring used in mattresses in America. There is padding between the springs and the foam (so you do not feel the springs) and a nice amount of foam on both sides. The foam is NOT high density, so you may notice some body impressions. This is a good value for a nice 2-sided mattress. *10-year pro-rated warranty*

8″ Cool Gel Mattress

Made in USA

Value-priced Comfortable All-Foam Mattress

249.95  TWIN  Mattress

279.95  TWIN Extra-long

299.95  FULL-size (Double) 

339.95  QUEEN  Mattress

439.95  KING  Mattress


This mattress can be used on adjustable beds.

1″ Cool Gel top layer

1″ Poly Gel middle layer

6″ Foam base (1.5 density)

Note: Any foam, even better-quality foam, may become softer and show some body impression where you sleep.

What you need to know about foam.

Foam can be “low-density” or “high density”. Low density foam is like whipped cream or angel food cake: You can take a small amount of materials and whip it up in to a thick soft-feeling foam, but the low-density foam breaks down quickly, and you are soon sleeping in dips and body impressions, and the nice feeling you had when you bought the mattress is gone. Naturally, because the low-density foam uses less materials, it is cheaper to make.  Low-density foam is 1.5 lbs./cubic foot or less. The lower the density, the cheaper it is, and the sooner it will break down. High-density foam is like pound cake: It is heavier, because it uses more materials, but it lasts longer, and it is not cheap. High density foam starts at about 1.8 lb./cubic foot and can go as high as 4 or 5lbs./cubic foot. Good foam is not cheap, and cheap foam is not good. PROBLEM: Many salespeople, even factory salespeople, do not know the foam density in the mattresses. And the factories are not eager to tell you about the foam density, because many of them are using 1.5 density foam, even in their very expensive mattresses. Some manufacturers are saying that 1.5 lb. foam is “high-density”.  Most mattress warranties do not cover dips, body impressions and sags; They say that the mattress is conforming to your body. That protects the manufacturer, but the customer is not happy, and your money is gone. A further word of caution: I have read that some foam (NOT from USA) was “weighted”: meaning that something was added to the foam to make it heavier – to give the impression that it was high-density foam. (I think this would be a rare situation, because most importers are trying to protect their reputation.)

Renaissance Furnishings does have low-density foam in our economy mattresses (to keep the price down), but we tell the customer up-front, before buying.

We do not sell mattresses with “egg-crate” foam.  Egg-crate foam gives a nice wonderful, soft feel, but it wears out fast, and the nice, soft feel is gone.  Naturally the customer is at a disadvantage, because the customer cannot see inside the mattress.


599.95  FULL-size  mattress (1 left)

10 year Limited Warranty

Note: Any foam, even better-quality foam, may become softer and show a little body impression where you sleep.

Best-Quality Avena-Serene mattress

100% Made in America

100% Hypoallergenic

Stretch-knit Fabric: wicks moisture away, allows contouring to body,

Fire Barrier,

2 1/2″ Serene Foam: More pressure-relief for hips, back and shoulders;  Does not get softer when hot or harder when cold;   Sleeps cool;   Releases body heat faster than memory foam;   Movements do not disturb someone else on the mattress. 2.5 Lb. Serene foam has same durability as 4-Lb. memory foam.

2″  3.6 Lb. Avena foam: Sleeps cool, More durable than latex

7 1/2″ 1.8 Lb. Density CertiPur base foam (Low VOC emissions – for indoor air quality; NO phthalates; NO formaldehyde; NO mercury, lead or heavy metals; NO PBDE’s, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants),

NO egg-crate foam: (Egg-crate foam feels softer but wears out faster)

Renaissance does not yet have all our mattresses listed here. This website is a work in progress. I am working almost every day, trying to get all our products listed on the website. Thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to call me at 724-537-3886 for prices and information. -Bill Schell

Contour-Coil / Cool Gel Comfort Combination

This mattress is equivalent to or better than many so-called “top-of-the-line” mattresses, and is much more affordable.

Contour Coils:  Each coil is individually wrapped to contour to your body – to help take away the pressure points of your hips, shoulders and back. (Most of the old mattress innersprings were all connected together with wires – which was more like sleeping on a trampoline.)

Foam-Encased:  Wall of firm foam around the springs makes a nice edge to sit on, eliminates a thick border wire and allows us to have a softer innerspring.

Four-pound Density Cool-Gel Foam

599.95  TWIN  mattress

699.95   FULL-size  mattress

749.95   QUEEN  mattress

899.95   KING  mattress

Many customers like this better than the “memory-foam mattresses”, because in addition to the cool-gel memory foam on top, it has contour-coils underneath, instead of a thick base of firm foam. The mattress also has an extra layer of foam between the springs and the cool gel foam. It is very comfortable.

“Boxsprings” and Foundations

These days, most of what are called “boxsprings” do not actually have springs in them.  Most of them are properly called a “FOUNDATION”.  Some are made of wood , and covered with a fabric;  some are just a wood base with steel wires going up and down, covered with a nice material to make them look  nice.  Basically, their purpose is just to make the mattress higher and give the mattress something flat to sit on.

Real boxsprings are better for regular innerspring mattresses, and their purpose is to make the mattress last longer and be more comfortable.  BIG PROBLEM: Customers would SIT on the edge of the mattress to test it. If the mattress went down (because of the real boxsprings), the customer would say that the mattress was junk – which was not true.  Besides a mattress is to lay-on, not sit-on.  A mattress cannot be hard when someone sits on it, and then become nice and comfortable when someone lays on it. Most manufacturers and retailers decided not to fight customer perception, so they just gave up on the boxsprings idea and made “foundations.” (You can win an argument and lose the sale. Perception is everything. You cannot argue with how someone feels, etc.)

Exception: Foam mattresses and mattresses with individually wrapped “pocket coils” do NOT need real boxsprings.  Foam mattresses and mattresses with pocket coils could actually be damaged by a boxprings with too much bounce in it. It is best just to lay it on a flat surface, or a platform bed or a foundation.

The color of the fabric is different than what is shown in this picture.

Economy Wood Foundation

69.95   TWIN

79.95  FULL-size

84.95  QUEEN

149.95  KING 

This is not a very strong foundation. If someone jumps on it, the wood slats could break. It just an economy foundation that gets the mattress up.  For a little more money, the steel wire foundation is better.

(The KING is actually a set of 2 Twin-Extra-Long foundations.)

Steel-Wire “Boxsprings”

89.95   TWIN

109.95  FULL-size

119.95  QUEEN

219.95  KING 

This “boxsprings” is pretty-much an industry standard, although ours is a little better than some. If you spent $3000.00 for a mattress set, the “boxsprings” would probably be very similar to this one.

(The KING is actually a set of 2 Twin-Extra-Long foundations.)

1) We try our best to sell mattresses that will hold-up. I’ve been selling mattresses for many years.  A mattress can look good and feel good, but be made from cheap materials. You can pay a lot of money for a brand-name mattress and still get dips, body impressions and sags. I’ve had problems with mattress companies for as long as I’ve been in business. Mattress warranties: You can use them for toilet paper.  Almost everything that will go wrong with your mattress is not covered by the warranty.  Also there are so many “ifs”, “buts” and exclusions that make the warranty useless.  Make sure you buy from someone that will take care of  you. I’ve replaced many mattresses for customers, not because they are covered under the warranty,  but because I want you to be happy. It costs me a lot of money and time – It’s painful to even think about it.  But that’s why customers keep coming back,  and that’s why I try to sell mattresses that you don’t have problems with.

2) We sell mattresses made in USA. Most of the people in China, Viet Nam, Mexico, and other countries are people just like us – working hard, trying to make a living. I have nothing against them, and I wish God’s blessing upon them.  But I’m responsible, as a retailer, to make sure I sell you a safe product. You may have heard about safety issues regarding toothpaste, dogfood, drywall, etc., imported from China. The mattresses made in China are supposed to be safe. There are plenty of cheap Chinese mattresses on Amazon and other internet retailers.  Call me paranoid, but I just don’t want to take that chance with my customers. Also, here is something important to remember:  There are many mattresses with American-sounding names and brandnames that are actually made in China, and some companies just put a new cover on them here and say they are made in United States. 

3) Made in USA,  Part 2    If I buy something made in America, it helps another American have a job. It’s American workers who pay for our roads, schools, Social Security, local police, and all the benefits we have here. It’s American workers who shop at our grocery stores, hardware stores, clothing stores, and buy our cars, etc.  It’s American workers who pay people to build our houses, fix our heating and air-conditioning, do our landscaping, pay the doctor bills, etc.  In one way or another, the job you save by buying American may be your own.  Renaissance Furnishings does sell some things that are imported (not mattresses), usually because there is a large price difference, but as much as possible we try to search and find American suppliers.