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Shelves and Cabinets for Display and Storage

PRICES: Our prices are almost always LESS the the prices listed below.

PRODUCT INFORMATION:  A click on the picture will take you to Sauder’s website for measurements, color, matching furniture, and more pictures.

Eden Rue shelves and drawer  419770

$179.95  or  LESS

Eden Rue  2-Drawer Chest 419776

$193.80  or  LESS

Eden Rue Rolling Chest  419590

$115.30  or  LESS

Harbor View  Shelf, Drawer and Doors 158082

$194.96  or  LESS

Harbor View Storage Cabinet  400742

$180.00  or  LESS

Harbor View  Shelf, Drawer and Doors 419911

$219.80  or  LESS

Harbor View  Storage Cabinet 416825

$180.00  or  LESS

Our Pricing Policy on Sauder:
We check the price of major internet retailers, then we match their price or have a lower price. PROBLEM: Their prices change sometimes every day, sometimes more than once in a day. The prices listed in this website were actually the lowest price of a major internet retailer at the time we posted the price. Our selling price will ALMOST ALWAYS be LOWER than the price listed on our website (except for close-outs).  (We do NOT price match with EVERY internet site or third party retailers. Anyone can post a picture, but the furniture may be damaged or defective even before it is shipped. Also some places put a very low price on something they do not have in stock, just to get people to visit their website.)

Harvey Park  Display Shelves 415594

$221.93  or  LESS

New Grange  Tall Display Cabinet 419065

SALE  PRICE  $269.95

Wardrobe 413329

LAST  ONE  $169.95

Barrister Executive  Display/BookShelf 414725

$196.51  or  LESS

Lintel Oak  5-Shelf, Display / Bookshelf 420174

$135.00  or  LESS

Lintel Oak  3-Shelf, Display / Bookshelf 420177

$114.30  or  LESS

Why Buy Sauder? Sauder is one of the best companies I’ve ever done business with. They make a good product. Their customer service is the best. If there’s a problem, they take care of it. Considering the price, it is very sturdy and attractive furniture.  It is the best RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) furniture. I rarely have any problems with it. 

There is always someone who can make a cheaper product; Sauder makes a Better product.

Most (not all) of their furniture is made in USA. I try not to buy the imported stuff.  My experience: Their imported furniture is not the same quality as the stuff made in USA.

Sauder-quality Beginnings 3-Shelf Bookcase – Oak finish  413322

$36.58  or  LESS

Sauder-quality Beginnings 5-Shelf Bookcase – Oak finish  413324

$59.87  or  LESS

Sauder-quality Beginnings 3-Shelf Bookcase – Black Cherry finish  409086

$39.00  or  LESS

Sauder-quality Beginnings 5-Shelf Bookcase – Oak finish  409090

$57.37  or  LESS

Multi-purpose Storage Stand  401902

$129.64  or  LESS

Multi-purpose Utility Cart with wheels 403469

$120.11  or  LESS

Palladia  Accessory Stand and Storage Shelf  420611

$116.99  or  LESS

Carson Forge  Accessory Stand and Storage Shelf  412923

$119.99  or  LESS

 We can get for you almost any bookshelf, cabinet or storage furniture from Sauder. We will match or beat pricing from reputable internet retailers. Your furniture will not be damaged. We can also deliver and assemble, for a reasonable charge.