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Honey and Home-Made Fruit Spreads

Home-Made Jams, Jellies, Fruit-Spread and Apple Butter

Definitely Home-Made Taste & Quality

Real Fruit

NO High-fructose corn syrup. NO artificial sweeteners

NO artificial colors

Enos & Rhoda Byler family

3% DISCOUNT for CASH or debit card

5.29   Apple Butter

5.29   Apple butter (NO sugar added)

5.29   Apricot

5.29   Blackberry (seedless)

6.39  Black Raspberry (seedless)-currently out of stock


5.29   Blueberry

5.29   Cherry Vanilla

5.29   Elderberry

6.39   Elderberry – NO sugar added (uses white grape juice as the sweetener)

5.29   Grape

5.29   Hot Pepper




5.29   Hot Pepper Raspberry

5.29   Peach

5.29   Razzleberry (Black Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Red Raspberries)

5.29   Red Raspberry (NO seeds)

5.29   Strawberry

5.29   Strawberry Rhubarb


Many years ago I started buying honey because my allergies were so bad, and the honey fixed my allergies.  There are many other healing benefits of honey.

Some honey sold in other stores comes from other states or other counties around the world. Although we can buy honey cheaper from large out-of-state producers, We choose to buy from local beekeepers. The bees fly around collecting nectar and pollen from many different kinds of local flowers.  When we eat local honey, we actually ingest small portions of the pollen from local plants, which helps the body develop an immunity to it. It works for me and many others. However, what works for one person may not work for someone else.

Our honey is NOT pasteurized. Pasteurization kills some of the good benefits of honey.

Our honey is 100% pure. Believe it or not, some honey sold in other stores contains other sweeteners mixed in with the honey to make it cheaper.

Saving honey bees. Some bees are having a difficult time surviving. Flowers provide food for the bees, but many home-owners spray their lawns to kill dandelions. Then there is also all the pesticides and GMOs (genetically modified food).


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