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Sauder Desks and Office Furniture

PRODUCT INFORMATION:  A click on the picture will take you to Sauder’s website for measurements, color, matching furniture, and more pictures.


We can get for you almost any Desk or Office Furniture from Sauder, even if it is not pictured here. We will match or beat pricing from Amazon and WalMart. Your furniture will not be damaged. We can also do assembly or delivery for a reasonable charge.


3% DISCOUNT for Cash or Debit Card

Unless otherwise noted, All Sauder furniture comes in a box and needs to be put together.

Harbor View Desk with Hutch  

401634  Antiqued Black




Harbor View Desk with Hutch  415109

$399.95  Floor Sample

Already Assembled

Harbor View Desk with Hutch  

42075, Cherry


(I have one  discounted at $299.95 because all the pieces were taken out of the box.)

Sauder Desk with Hutch, 401354, Oak finish

Orchard Hills Desk w/ Hutch        401354  (59″ wide)  Carolina Oak  


Orchard Hills Desk w/ Hutch        401353  Carolina Oak  


Carson Forge Desk  412920


Harbor View Desk  

423005  Salt Oak finish


County Line Writing Desk  

418213  Salt Oak finish


(Only 1 in stock, already assembled $189.95)

Harbor View File Cabinet 



(Only 1 in stock, already assembled, $219.95)


During the Plandemic, when Governor Wolf closed the factories and small businesses,  Lowe’s was so busy you could not get in the parking lot, but my store was somehow “unsafe” and had to be closed. (I am still paying interest on the money I borrowed just to survive.)  When we were allowed to open, we could not get new furniture, so we bought used furniture so we could have SOMETHING to sell.  We have used desks, large and small, which we are selling at CLEARANCE PRICES

HON office desk


The price of a HON office desk like this on Wayfair is  $1,737.13, which they say is 20% off the regular price of $2,178.00.

My starting price on used desks like this is $129.95.

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