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Rugged, Sturdy, Solid Pine – Made in USA.

The company we have depended on to make our USA bunkbeds, Woodcrest Manufacturing, suddenly closed their business without any notice or warning. We still have some of their furniture if you want some matching dressers, a desk or chair or something else, but when they are gone, I cannot order any more.

I searched a long time to find a company that makes solid bunkbeds and bedroom furniture at affordable prices. I found one company in Alabama. We will be gradually getting bunkbeds and other furniture back in stock. Still made in USA. If you want a preview of the furniture, visit

TWIN or FULL Solid Pine Platform Bed

169.95   TWIN size **INCLUDES 14 solid pine wood slats** (without slats=139.95)

219.95  FULL-size  **INCLUDES  9 Extra-Wide solid pine wood slats** (without slats=169.96)**Out of stock till end of March

159.95 SET of 2 Large Under-bed Drawers  on Wheels.



This bed will withstand years of normal everyday wear and tear. SAVE MONEY: You do not need to buy a bedframe or a boxspring or a bunkyboard or a headboard. All you need is the mattress.

SAVE SPACE:  There is a large amount of space for storing boxes or plastic totes under the bed. You can also buy a set of our 2 very large pine storage drawers on wheels ($159.95). A trundle bed can also fit under the bed (for sleepovers and company).

**Mattress is NOT included in the price.

159.95 SET of 2 Very Large Under-bed Drawers  on Wheels. (same as above picture)
This set of drawers will hold as much stuff as a chest-of-drawers. Fits under Bunkbeds and Twin or Full Platform beds. ALREADY ASSEMBLED, except the wheels need screwed on. Solid Pine front, back and sides. Hardboard bottom, reinforced with solid pine.

This is our new tough, strong and rugged Solid Pine Bunkbed – MADE in USA. We will probably be getting our first shipment about the end of July.

289.95   Extra-tough Bunkbed **INCLUDES  enough solid pine slats that you do not need a bunky-board.

If you do not install the bottom bunk, it can also be a Loft Bed.

Add 74.00 and the bottom bunk can be a FULL-size bed. The 74.00 is for 2 wood brackets and the longer Full-size slats.

This bed will withstand years of normal everyday wear and tear. Made with thick heavy-duty 5″ wide solid pine.

SAVE MONEY: You do not need to buy a bedframe or a boxspring or a bunkyboard. 

SAVE SPACE: You can put DRAWERS under the bed or a trundle.

**Mattresses are NOT included in the price

This is our new Twin-over-Twin Stacking Solid Pine Bunkbed – MADE in USA. We will be getting this in stock soon.

349.95   Stacking Twin over Twin Bunkbed **INCLUDES enough solid pine slats slats that you do not need a bunky board.

Sturdy, Strong, Rugged.

Becomes 2 Twin Beds.

Only needs 2 mattresses. **Mattresses are NOT included in the price.

179.95  3-Drawer Chest

30″ Tall, 29″ Wide. Very rugged, almost indestructible exterior. The drawers are somewhat small and not made as well as the outside of the chest, but it matches the rest of the furniture.

259.95  6-Drawer Dresser

30″ Tall, 40″ Wide.

239.95  5-Drawer Chest

47″ Tall, 29″ Wide.


49.95  Mirror

Solid Pine frame. Hang it on the wall or put it on the back of a dresser. (24″ X 28″)

109.95  2-Drawer Nightstand 

189.95  3-Drawer Desk

69.95  Chair

69.95  Chair with cushioned seat

I’ve seen this stuff in other places, Why should I buy from Renaissance Furnishings?

It’s disappointing to say this, but just because it is made in USA doesn’t mean it’s always made perfectly. We check over the furniture before it goes out, so there’s no nasty surprises. Because the long side-rails are solid pine, sometimes one will be warped or twisted. A small amount of twist or warp is acceptable, but many times I have replaced a siderail at my own expense to make sure when the product leaves here, it is good. Sometimes dressers have come in with the backs coming off. The box did not look damaged, but somewhere along the way it took a hit. Sometimes the drawers need some work to go in and out right. Sometimes the workers were in a hurry and made something wrong. Most of it arrives in good condition, but it takes time and money to inspect everything, do minor repairs and touch-up, replace parts (if necessary). When you buy something from Renaissance, it is in good condition.

Renaissance Furnishings is not trying to sell the cheapest product. We’re trying to sell good furniture at low prices. An old-time furniture man once said, “There’s always someone who can make a cheaper product.”  I’m very concerned about keeping prices down, but I’m more concerned  that you get a good product.